21st Century Maverick- an artist's statement

I was born in Liverpool, attended the same school as Paul McCartney and George Harrison, and went to the same Art School as John Lennon and Stuart Sutcliffe.

I'm told that pre-Hamburg, the Beatles (and Gerry and the Pacemakers)rehearsed every Wednesday afternoon in my Nan's parlour.

In 1994, I relocated to Wales where I currently live and work. I worked (on and off) with Jamie Reid (Sex Pistols graphic designer) for almost twenty years, as his assistant and exhibition designer, and now concentrate on my own artworks.

My current preoccupations include exploring the notions cultural identity, and social commentary on issues ranging from national and world events, to concerns about climate change. Amongst society's relics, flags, targets and consumer design comprise the elements of my most recent works.

Nostalgia for a future yet to come? Nostalgia is not what it used to be. I want to create a new ‘Pop’ or ‘folk’ art that will resonate with those who would not normally visit galleries.

You don't need a Degree to decide whether-or-not you like them, and that is how it should be. Humour is an integral element within the works, as is music, and they have far more in common with the painters of barge ware than with the ‘art’ of my contemporaries; I can fit in anywhere, but belong nowhere.

Oil paintings, collages, printmaking, assemblages and the written word are the means of my expression, and all can be found within this site.

I have exhibited in many countries including South Korea, USA and Japan, and have a keen interest in many types of works, ranging from classical Western Renaissance, advertising materials, and everyday items from prehistory.

I also accept commissions from bands, record companies and other clients.

Latest news

  • Oriel Jones Gallery

    02-12-2021 Brian is currently showing works as part of the oJg mid-Wales pop-up exhibition, alongside the other four Urban Rurals, plus works by Peter Blake, Joe Tilson, Jamie Reid and Richard Hamiltion
  • Oli Bennett Secret Cards

    01-05-2019 Brian has been invited to contribute an image to this year's sale. He has produced a small edition of four, but we can't tell you which image it is as it's a secret! The sale will be at Westminster School, Ashburnham House, Little Dean's Yard, London SW1P 3PF on Thursday 27th June 2019, with the event opening at 6.30pm.
  • ‘5 Sids’


    This year sees Brian return with a fistful of new prints. ‘5 Sids’ and ‘Anachronism In The UK’ are the first to be published, with many more new works to follow.

    Brian has published ‘The Gypsy King’ to celebrate the boxing prowess of Tyson Fury.

    Keep checking this site.
  • Pretty Vacant

    31-05-2017 To celebrate the 40th anniversary of the unleashing of Sex Pistols' ‘Never Mind The Bollocks’ album, Brian is releasing a series of Limited Edition screen prints, the first of which is titled ‘Pretty Vacant’.

    This print will be showing as part of the ‘Oswestry Inc’ prints exhibition at Kinokulture Cinema, Oswestry. The show runs from 19th April to 5th May and is open between 11.30am and 4pm Wednesdays, Thursday and Fridays. See the print here.